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Sukup Airways® Air Tube systems are designed to significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of grain aeration during grain storage. Recognizing the importance of proper aeration in grain handling and storage, these systems are developed to maintain the quality and longevity of stored grain by working to remove the water from the wall.

Airways® Air Tubes are a system of perforated triangular-shaped steel tubes that pipe drying air along the bin wall. The tubes are designed to promote even airflow and remove condensation along the sidewall. Airways® work like the defroster on a car, piping warm air where it is needed to remove moisture. This is achieved by the unique construction of the tubes, which provide more ventilation than competing tubes with round sleeves in the opening.

Sukup Airways® systems provide top-tier grain handling solutions for agricultural producers. They play a vital role in promoting effective aeration helping to preserve grain quality and value.

Standard Features

  • Perforated, triangular tubes provide more ventilation than competing tubes with round sleeves in the opening
  • Airways® AirTubes direct dry air along the inside of the bin wall to remove moisture from condensation
  • To “meter” the airflow up the bin wall, AirwayTubes are punched with small slots at predetermined intervals
  • In a 24’ bin with grain 12’ deep, you will lose 240 bu of grain with just 4” of bin wall spoilage (300 bu in a 30’ bin; 360 bu in a 36’ bin)
  • In addition to the money lost, spoiled grain sticks to the bin wall, damaging the galvanization and adding stress that could collapse a bin
  • Available in two lengths – 10’ 6” or 12’
  • 10’ 6” Airways® are standard and should be installed approximately 1” through the floor flashing

Product Accessories

  • Optional 12’ Airways®extend through the flashing until they rest solidly on the concrete floor, giving additional support to the bin wall
  • Protect the grain around your door with an Airway Door Kit
Product Features
  • Pay for Themselves in One Year Through Reduced Spoilage Costs
  • Prevents Bin Wall Spoilage
  • Easy, Low Cost Installation
  • Prevents Moisture Condensation on the Inside Bin Wall
Mark Geis, Geis Equipment, Inc.

Greensburg, IN

Being familiar with the competition, the quality of the products is what brought me to Sukup to begin with. I’ve seen so much junk out there, and Sukup’s got quality. Everything is top quality. That’s really what’s made the sales for me.


What are Sukup Airways®?

Airways® are perforated, triangular-shaped tubes that pipe dry air along the inside of the bin wall in order to remove condensation. This process, similar to defrosting a windshield, keeps bin walls clean and dry, preventing grain from spoiling along bin walls.

How do Sukup Airways work?

Airways® Air Tubes direct dry air along the inside of the bin wall to remove moisture from condensation, which is crucial for preventing spoilage and maintaining grain quality.

What benefits do Sukup Airways® offer in grain storage?

The primary benefits of using Sukup Airways® include improved grain quality due to better aeration, and reduced risk of spoilage.
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