PO Box 677, 1555 255th St.
Sheffield, IA USA 50475-0677


Wabash Valley Service Company had an office space that was outdated and did not reflect its connection to the agriculture industry.


Wabash Valley worked closely with Sukup Manufacturing Co. to build a modern and industrial office building incorporating a unique grain bin design.

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Two grain bins comprise the Main Office. The outer bin is 75 feet diameter while the inner bin is 48 feet diameter. Both bins are seven rings tall. There are 23 offices/rooms built into the space between the two bins, and the reception area is a large open space in the middle. To keep the grain bins insulated, Wabash Valley installed hydronic radiant heating into the concrete floors. In addition, the entire building has 2-3 inches of closed cell insulation between the two bins.

The meeting room is a 36 foot diameter grain bin that is four rings tall. It includes a restroom, a utilities room and an open space. Four rings made from bin sheets hanging from the ceiling, which add to the industrial vibe. The rings provide decor and also contain heating, air vents, lighting, and ceiling tiles for the room.

More than 40 Wabash Valley employees contributed to the 90% of this project completed in-house.

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