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Sukup Tower Dryers provide fast, efficient drying for large farm operations and commercial elevators. These units are completely assembled on-site and are available in a variety of sizes and heights. Sukup Tower Dryers feature high-quality components like stainless steel screens, a stainless steel grain table, top-quality blowers and burners, and easy-to-use computerized controls with self-diagnostics.

Standard Features

  • Vacuum cooling reduces fuel consumption
  • Dry 1,800 up to 12,000 BPH
  • 12', 18', 24', and 30' diameters
  • 48'-127' heights
  • 12 3/4" wide columns for longer grain retention and maximum efficiency
  • QuadraTouch ProTM controls ensure easy, efficient, accurate drying
  • Start/stop signals provided for fill and takeaway euipment
  • Stainless steel outer screens and hardware, grain table, and sweeparms
  • Grain exchangers move grain from inside of column to outside for more even drying

Product Accessories

  • Extra catwalks for cleaning the outside of the tower are available. Catwalks are provided at the grain exchanger level and higher standard. An extra catwalk could be mounted below the grain exchangers, and inside the cooling section for service of blower/motors.
  • Extra louvered door in the cool section of the tower dryer is available if you want warmer grain coming out of the dryer. Grain will come out of the dryer from near ambient temperature to approximately 20˚-30˚F above with the standard openings.
  • GSM modem sends a text message to a pre-programmed number in the event of a dryer shut-down. You can also text the dryer and it will reply with current operating status. You can make adjustments such as changing plenum temp, grain moisture set-point, or shutting the drying down from your phone. Works off of GSM cell phone signal.
  • MySukup Remote Web Access allows you to view dryer performance on a device (phone, tablet, computer) and change dryer settings via an internet connection from a Ethernet cable; dryer cannot be started remotely
  • Ethernet cable connects the QuadraTouch Pro™ control box to the dryer; 50', 100', 150', and 200' lengths available
Product Features
  • QuadraTouch Pro™ Controls with S.M.A.R.T. Loop Technology™
  • Static Moisture Sampling
  • Industrial-Grade Blowers, Burner, and Gas Pipetrain
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What are the advantages of tower dryers?

  • Smallest footprint on the ground
  • Small perf size minimizes particulate discharge
  • Large capacity range
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