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The Sukup Sweepway® Power Sweep is a highly effective grain unloading system designed for unloading grain bins quickly and effortlessly. Installed permanently in the grain bin, this system eliminates the need for heavy manual labor as there's no motor to carry in and out, simplifying the grain unloading process significantly.

The Sweepway® operates with the principle that no one needs to enter the bin during unloading, which enhances safety and saves on time and labor. It features a special design that prevents opening the intermediate sumps without opening the center sump to protect the sidewalls from uneven unloading. Additionally, the intermediate sumps, pre-welded to the unload tube directly at the manufacturing facility, require no additional assembly.

Standard with the Sweepways, the auger sweep can be enhanced with an upgrade to paddle sweeps, specifically engineered to clean the floor of grain and equipped with a wall scraper for added efficiency. The paddle sweepway stands out as a user-friendly, zero-entry machine, eliminating the need for producers to enter the bin. Once the paddle sweepway completes its cycle, it leaves no need for manual cleanup of leftover grain, making it a great upgrade option for the Sweepway® Power Sweep.

Standard Features

  • Available in 6", 8", and 10" diameter sizes
  • Sukup uses 7-gauge flighting on 6” and 8” Sweepway® unload augers, and ¼” flighting on 10” Sweepways; that means you’re getting commercial-grade strength and durability in each and every unit
  • Sukup’s exclusive sweep stop allows only one revolution of the auger
  • Special design prevents opening the intermediate sumps without opening the center sump. This protects the sidewalls from uneven unloading damage.
  • Intermediate sumps are welded to the unload tube at the factory so there’s no assembly necessary
  • Number of intermediate sumps is based on bin diameter; up to six sumps are used
  • Powerheads are assembled at factory

Galvanized Backboard

  • The Sweepway Power Sweep is equipped with a galvanized backboard that keeps the sweep close to the floor as it propels itself around the bin
  • Galvanized steel is formed into a C shape to make an extra-strong backboard
  • A torsion bar runs along the back of the C channel for added strength and rigidity
  • Patented scrapers (U.S Patent #6,254,329) are attached to the backboard to ensure the most grain possible is picked up off the floor
  • Scrapers are field-adjustable to meet your needs
  • Pivoting backboard allowing for floor height variations

Reduction Drive

  • Exclusive polyurethane 16:1 reduction drive-wheel, standard on 8" and 10" Sweepway Power Sweeps 36' and larger, all 10" decreases drive-wheel speed without sacrificing forward movement
  • All other Sweepways have standard 4:1 reduction drive wheel
  • Low speed reduces wheel slippage and prolongs wheel life

Center sump

  • The unique design of Sweepway’s center sump increases unloading capacities and ensures trouble-free operation
  • Upper and lower gearboxes are offset to provide a larger opening for the grain to flow
  • The unload flighting extends past the bin center to maximize capacity
  • Heavy-duty clutch enables the unload auger to operate without the power sweep so you can unload with gravity before engaging the power sweep
  • Clutch is engaged from outside the bin so there is no need to enter the bin during unloading
  • Sukup manufactures and assembles the gearbox and center sump to ensure top quality
  • The self-cleaning center sump and slide gates allow you to control the flow of grain from the bin
  • Long-lasting sealed roller bearings (standard) make it easier for the center slide gate to move under pressure from high grain depths; Intermediate sumps of 8” and 10” come equipped with sealed roller bearings
  • Sweepway Power Sweep 6” center sumps require 12” of clearance from top of floor to concrete; Sweepway 8” and 10” sumps require 13-¼” clearance


  • The powerhead design for Sukup unload systems makes belt adjustments easier
  • A hinge on all powerheads allows the belt to be tightened simply by turning one ¾” bolt
  • By removing the hinge pin, the motor may be easily moved to another bin
  • Sukup’s special design allows you to pull the unload flighting without removing the powerhead. Sukup units are much easier to service
  • Sukup unload augers attach to the gearbox with a square shaft rather than bolting to it. This makes it easy to remove the auger from the gearbox

Vertical Augers

  • Provide the highest unloading capacities in the industry
  • Double flighting at the bottom of the vertical auger picks up grain from the horizontal unload tube faster, increasing capacity without needing a larger-diameter vertical tube
  • Special boot design on vertical tube provides unrestricted grain flow from the horizontal unload tube into the vertical
  • Available in 6”, 8”, or 10" diameters, top or bottom drive, for 16’ or 20’ heights

Galvanized Incline Augers

  • Inclines on 6” or 8” systems are 5’, 25°. Inclines on 10” systems are 7’, 20°
  • Tube diameter goes from 6” to 8” on 6” systems; from 8” to 10” on 8” systems; and from 10” to 12” on 10” systems
  • Heavy-duty universal joint with support bushing
  • Inclines attach to bin with two chains. Units may be ordered with optional support leg
  • Optional Quick Disconnect and Wheel Kits are available to move incline powerhead from bin to bin

Product Accessories

  • Band-on independent sump is two times larger than standard intermediate sumps and can be used to unload bin without stressing sidewalls if center sump is blocked
  • Paddle Sweep options on 8" & 10"
Product Features
  • Independent Intermediate Sump
  • 16:1 Reduction Drive Wheel
  • Sweep Scrapers
  • Cluster Buster™ (U.S. Patent # 8,967,936)
  • Offset Gearbox Design
Mark Geis, Geis Equipment, Inc.

Greensburg, IN

The big push that I’ve got – other than the dryers, the dryers are number 1 – are the power sweeps. The power sweeps have really sold great. They’ve been used to the competition and they’ve found out how much better our product is.


What is the Sukup Sweepway® Power Sweep?

The Sukup Sweepway® Power Sweep is a system designed for efficiently and safely unloading grain from bins. It eliminates the need for manual grain removal, significantly reducing the labor and time involved in emptying a grain bin.

How does the Sweepway® Power Sweep work?

The Sweepway® Power Sweep works by using a powered sweep auger or power sweep that rotates around the bin, moving the grain toward the center unloading area. It is designed to operate smoothly and effectively, allowing for complete and even unloading of the grain.

What are the key benefits of using the Sweepway® Power Sweep?

Key benefits include reduced labor and time for bin unloading, improved safety by minimizing the need for entry into the bin, and efficient removal of grain, which helps preserve grain quality and minimize waste.
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