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The Sukup Spredway® Gravity Grain Spreader is an innovative solution engineered to facilitate a uniform distribution of grain without the need for motors or cords. This spreader operates at a capacity of 10,000 Bu/Hr and is available in two sizes to accommodate a variety of grain bin diameters: from 21’ to 30’ and from 30’ to 105’.

The Spredway® Gravity Grain Spreader is engineered to rotate in response to the grain flow. This ensures that as grain is poured, the spreader turns, utilizing gravity to distribute the grain uniformly across the storage bin. An efficient distribution is crucial in maintaining the quality of the grain by reducing the risk of spoilage and promoting better aeration.

Whether it's for a small farm or a large-scale grain operation, this grain spreader is a great asset for those looking to optimize their grain handling processes.

Standard Features

  • 10,000 Bu/Hr.
  • Two sizes:
    • 21’ - 30’ diameters
    • 30’ - 105’ diameters
  • No motors or cords
  • Unit rotates in response to grain flow, providing uniform distribution of grain.

Product Accessories

  • Available for standard farm and commercial bins
Product Features
  • High-Capacity Handling of 10,000 Bu/Hr.
  • Fits Bins 21' to 105' in Diameter.
  • Rotates in Response to Grain Flow.
Kevin Howes, Homeland Energy Solutions

Lawler, IA

Sukup Manufacturing has truly developed a zero-entry bin sweep. With our material handlers, particularly our supervisor - he coordinates the entire bin sweeping operation - with him not having to get in and out of that bin. I'm not worried about getting the corn out of the bin it's more keeping the employees safe. Any time we can sweep a bin and not have to get into it that's a lot better.


What size grain bins can the Sukup Spredway® Gravity Grain Spreader be used with?

The Sukup Spredway® is compatible with grain bins that range in diameter from 21 feet to 105 feet, offering flexibility for various storage sizes.

How does the Spreadway® Gravity Grain Spreader ensure even distribution of grain?

The Spreadway® Gravity Grain Spreader rotates in response to the grain flow, using gravity to evenly distribute grain across the storage space without the need for electrical power.
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