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The Spredway® grain spreader is designed to enhance the distribution of fines evenly within storage bins. As grain is poured into the top of the bin, the Spredway® efficiently distributes the fines throughout the grain bin. It utilizes a patented pre-spread disc and inner ring, standard across all models, which work together to maximize fine distribution.

The spreaders come in various capacities, accommodating bins up to 60 feet in diameter, with models handling between 3,000 to 7,000 bushels per hour (BPH). The adjustable spreader pan allows users to easily modify the angle and control the distribution pattern of the grain fines directly from the top of the spreader.

The Spredway® features a totally enclosed, high-horsepower motor that is mounted outside the spreader cone to avoid grain flow obstruction and overheating. Additionally, the absence of a gearbox and the presence of a sealed, maintenance-free bearing contribute to the grain spreader's reliability. Optional accessories like the pre-spread funnel can be added to direct grain towards the center of the pre-spread disc, further enhancing the grain spreader’s efficiency.

Standard Features

  • Simple design includes a machined pulley to ensure the drive belt remains in position under the heaviest grain flow conditions
  • Permanently lubricated bearings eliminate need to climb bin to grease bearings and oil gears
  • All Sukup Spredways® are equipped with heavy-duty, high-horsepower motors to ensure optimum performance
  • TEFC motors mount outside of spreader cone so they do not obstruct grain flow or overheat from hot grain flowing over them
  • The spreader cone on Sukup standard and Hi-Cap Spredways is made from galvanized steel for long life
  • There are no motors or gearboxes inside the spreader funnel to hamper grain flow
  • The angle of the spreader pan can be easily adjusted from the top to control the grain distribution pattern
  • The handle is easily accessible, unlike other spreaders that must be adjusted from below the unit or with a special tool
  • Adjusting the pan matches the grain spread distance to different bin diameters
  • The split spreader pan divides the grain discharge, resulting in a more evenly balanced flow and making the spreader operate more smoothly

Mounting Bracket

  • Two-piece mounting brackets allow for vertical and horizontal adjustment to level the spreader
  • Rigid mount prevents spreader movement during operation
  • Additional hanger brackets are available for mounting in bins that are not compatible with the rigid brackets

Pre-Spread Ring

  • Sukup has developed a new pre-spread device for grain spreaders. Sukup’s exclusive Pre-Spread Ring (U.S. Patent #8,123,452) is less costly, optimizes the uniform distribution of the grain from a spreader, attaches to the spreader more securely, and does not interfere with closing the bin lid.
  • Pre-Spread Ring sits inside the spreader cone
  • The ring helps guide grain toward the center of the spreader to provide more uniform distribution of the grain
  • The diameter of the opening can be changed to match different sizes of augers. Laser-cut knockout sections can be taken off and reinserted depending upon the size of auger being used.
  • Pre-Spread Ring is standard on all Sukup Spredway Grain Spreaders

Hi-Capacity Spredway

  • Fits 33'-48’ diameter bins
  • 3,000-5,000 BPH capacity
  • ¾ HP motor

Super Hi-Capacity Spredway

  • 5,000 – 7,000 BPH capacity
  • Fits 36’ to 60’
  • 1-½ HP motor

Product Accessories

  • Available for standard farm and commercial bins
  • Pre-spread funnel
  • Spreader bar kit
  • Spreader adjustment wrenches kit
Product Features
  • The Sukup Spredway® is the Most Reliable Grain Spreader You Can Buy
  • Improves Airflow
  • Distributes Fines
Kevin Howes, Homeland Energy Solutions

Lawler, IA

Sukup Manufacturing has truly developed a zero-entry bin sweep. With our material handlers, particularly our supervisor - he coordinates the entire bin sweeping operation - with him not having to get in and out of that bin. I'm not worried about getting the corn out of the bin it's more keeping the employees safe. Any time we can sweep a bin and not have to get into it that's a lot better.


What is Sukup's Spredway®?

The Sukup Spredway® is an innovative grain spreader designed for use in grain bins. It is engineered to distribute fines uniformly within grain storage bins.

How does the Spredway® enhance grain storage?

By promoting a uniform distribution of fines within the grain, the Spredway® enhances aeration efficiency, assists in reducing moisture, and ultimately helps prevent spoilage. This leads to improved grain quality and easier management of stored grain.
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