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Sukup's Million Bushel Bins represent a significant advancement in large-scale grain storage solutions. These bins are specifically designed to accommodate the vast storage requirements of commercial grain operations.

Built to handle the volume of over a million bushels, these bins are engineered to ensure stability under the weight and pressure of large grain quantities. This is crucial for maintaining both the personal safety and integrity of the stored grain. Sukup's Million Bushel Bins are constructed with reinforced materials and advanced structural features. This ensures not only the ability to withstand the immense weight of large grain quantities but also long-term durability in various environmental conditions.

One unique factor of Sukup Million Bushel Bins with laminated sheets is the use of a Double End Stud Bolt™. Utilizing a Double End Stud Bolt™ effectively prevents moisture from seeping between the stiffener and laminated sheets, keeping the stored grain dry. If the sidewall consists of three or more laminated sheets, Sukup utilizes laminated splice plates to reduce bolt stress and risk of bolt shear. Instead of overlapping the edges of laminated sidewall sheets, they use a butt joint and specially designed splice plates. The design makes the bin easier to erect because the holes are properly aligned and eliminate gaps that can lead to leaking.

Efficiency in storage and handling is another aspect of these bins. This focus on grain quality is essential for commercial operations, where the preservation of grain directly impacts profitability. The design of these bins allows for efficient loading and unloading, streamlining the operational workflow. The Million Bushel Bins stand as a testament to Sukup’s commitment to innovation in commercial grain storage, offering a blend of immense capacity, durability, and operational efficiency.

Standard features

  • 135’, 156’, & 165' Diameter
  • Up to 30 rings tall
  • 1.5M bushel capacity - 135’
  • 2M bushel capacity - 156’
  • 2.25M bushel capacity - 165'
  • Clear span roof
  • SAE Grade 8.0 Hardware with JS1000® hour plating or equivalent coating

Sidewall Features

  • 70 ksi tensile strength steel for sidewall sheets and stiffeners
  • Heavy-duty corrugated plate attaches sidewall to rafter making for a very strong connection
  • Triple & quadruple laminated sheets and exclusive splice plate allow Sukup 135', 156', and 165' Commercial Bins to be erected more quickly than other bins of similar size.
  • Patented splice plates eliminate the off-set in bin sheets, which prevents gaps that would allow grain leakage. This design also utilizes the full strength of the sheets (U.S. Patent #8,291,664)
  • Double End Stud Bolt™ utilized to ensure a watertight seal between stiffener and sidewall (U.S. Patent #10,407,935)

Roof Features

  • Free span-extra heavy-duty roof
    • 100,000 lb. standard peak load roof rating for 135' & 156'
    • 150,000 lb. standard peak load roof rating for 165'
  • Roof rating: 100,000 lbs. evenly distributed on peak ring as pure vertical peak load with 40 psf ground snow zone or 105 mph wind zone as defined by ASCE7-10 Code
  • 16' flat surface platform at peak on 135' (21' on 156' & 165' diameter bin) allows for conveyor maintenance and provides a flat, safe place to stand while doing inspections or service
  • Knot-passing pulley system standard on all structured roofs to aide in safe grain bin entry
  • Roof rings are standard

Door Features

  • 26"x28" standard

Door options

  • 2-ring heavy-duty walk-through door

Roof Options

  • Exclusive 18" Poly Roof Vents are virtually indestructible with built-in debris deflectors prevent dirt, fines and other trash from collecting behind the vent
  • 18" roof vent cut-outs feature a 1-1/8" lip to prevent leakage
  • 24" power roof exhauster, deflector and screen options
  • Power roof exhauster walk-around
  • Eave walk-around
  • Roof stairs
  • Peak handrail
  • Temperature cable mounting bracket

Sidewall options

  • Inside and outside ladders
  • Sidewall stairs
  • Two or three stiffeners
Product Features
  • All Bins Are Manufactured Under Sukup Manufacturing Co.’S ISO 9001 Certification Requirements
  • Super Shield® to Provide an Extra Layer of Protection
  • Patented Laminated Sidewall Splice Plates for Strong Construction
  • Patented Double End Stud Bolt™
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What are Sukup Million Bushel Bins?

Sukup Million Bushel Bins are extremely large grain storage bins, specifically designed to hold over a million bushels of grain.

What sizes and capacities are available for Sukup Million Bushel Bins?

Sukup answered the call for more grain storage with 135’ (1.5M bushel capacity), 156’ (2M bushel capacity), and 165’ (2.25M bushel capacity) Commercial Bins. Million Bushel Bins allow operations to you maximize storage space while minimizing the number of bins.

What makes Million Bushel Bins unique compared to standard commercial bins?

The most distinguishing feature is their immense size and storage capacity. They are engineered to handle the significant operational demands of storing such large quantities of grain.
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