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The Sukup Commercial Bins were built to satisfy today's massive grain storage needs. The Sukup 135' and 156' Commercial Bin was the first free-span bin of this size ever erected. With 1.5M and 2M bushel maximum capacities, you can maximize your storage space while minimizing the number of bins.

Standard features

  • 135’ & 156’ Diameter
  • 1.5M bushel capacity - 135’
  • 2M bushel capacity - 156’
  • 100,000 lb. standard peak load roof rating
  • Clear span roof
  • SAE Grade 8.0 Hardware with JS1000® hour plating or equivalent coating

Sidewall Features

  • 70 ksi tensile strength steel for sidewall sheets and stiffeners
  • Heavy-duty corrugated plate attaches sidewall to rafter making for a very strong connection
  • Triple & quadruple laminated sheets and exclusive splice plate allow Sukup 135' and 156' Commercial Bins to be erected more quickly than other bins of similar size.
  • Patented splice plates eliminate the off-set in bin sheets, which prevents gaps that would allow grain leakage. This design also utilizes the full strength of the sheets (U.S. Patent #8,291,664)
  • Double-ended stud bolt to ensure a watertight seal between stiffener and sidewall (U.S. Patent #10,407,935)

Roof Features

  • Free span-extra heavy-duty - 100,000 lb. roof load rating standard
  • Roof rating: 100,000 lbs. evenly distributed on peak ring as pure vertical peak load with 40 psf ground snow zone or 105 mph wind zone as defined by ASCE7-10 Code
  • 16' on 135' flat surface platform at peak (21' on 156' diameter bin) allows for conveyor maintenance and provides a flat, safe place to stand while doing inspections or service
  • Knot-passing pulley system standard on all structured roofs to aide in safe grain bin entry
  • Roof rings are standard

Door Features

  • 26"x28" standard

Door options

  • 2-ring heavy-duty walk-through door

Roof Options

  • Exclusive 18" Poly Roof Vents are virtually indestructible with built-in debris deflectors prevent dirt, fines and other trash from collecting behind the vent
  • 18" roof vent cut-outs feature a 1-1/8" lip to prevent leakage
  • 24" power roof exhauster, deflector and screen options
  • Power roof exhauster walk-around
  • Eave walk-around
  • Roof stairs
  • Peak handrail
  • Temperature cable mounting bracket

Sidewall options

  • Inside and outside ladders
  • Sidewall stairs
  • Two or three stiffeners
Product Features
  • All Bins Are Manufactured Under Sukup Manufacturing Co.’S ISO 9001 Certification Requirements
  • Super Shield® to Provide an Extra Layer of Protection
  • Patented Laminated Sidewall Splice Plates for Strong Construction
  • Patented Double Ended Stud Bolt
Sergio Hernandez, The Andersons Inc.

Maumee, OH

Our first experience truly dealing with Sukup one on one from the ground up and it was a great experience. Knowing what your service is on the commercial grain side you are a manufacturer that we can call and get what we need.
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