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A Double-Run Conveyor can replace a roof auger, transfer auger, dryer take-away auger, and even a permanently-installed transport auger. The design of the Sukup Double-Run Conveyor is compact and it operates smoothly and quietly, with minimum maintenance. The Sukup Double-Run Conveyor causes less grain damage than a portable auger. It is more efficient and economical than augers of similar capacity and length. A Double-Run Conveyor is also very easy to install in any operation.

Standard Features

  • Extremely gentle on grain with less horsepower used
  • 1,500 BPH - 10,000 BPH capacities
  • On average 4-5 times longer life span than an auger
  • Compact design and smooth, quiet operation
  • Heavier gauge tubing standard
  • Head or tail drive
  • Double-Run Conveyor runs can be longer than an auger
  • Double-Run Conveyors can be set at up to a 60˚incline
  • Set-up time for a Sukup Double-Run Conveyor is about half that of other companies because the paddles come pre-attached to the chain
  • UHMW paddles eliminate steel-to-steel contact
  • Corrosion-resistant Acme thread take-up screws at head

Product Accessories

  • Drive at head
  • Head discharge available at 45˚, 60˚ and 90˚ angles
  • Intermediate Discharge and ground control kits
  • Dump-through tail section with gate
  • Cover and extension for hopper
  • Truss systems available
  • 32˚ and 45˚ bends
  • Intermediate discharge gates and ground control kits available
Product Features
  • Standard Double Bearing Support on Drive
  • Advanced Inlet Design to Minimize Grain Damage
  • Configurable Tail Drive
Justin Louk, Louk Ag Services LLC, Empire Ag LLC


The thing I like the most about working with Sukup is their ability to listen and integrate what the customer would like to see. You know the guys out in the field they’re the ones that really know how this stuff should go together. They implement a lot of ideas that we have.
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