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Sukup Bucket Elevators give you the capacity for expansion. You want to know the equipment you purchase is reliable and our bucket elevators are just that; with UHMW seals on all shafts, durable rubber belting, and heavy-gauge trunking. Additionally, Sukup can offer you a variety of options for several different commodities.

Standard Features

  • Up to 60,000 BPH capacity range
  • Rubber belting works in all climates
  • Patented alignment pins on squaring plates ensure a straight-on connection before leg sections are bolted together (U.S. Patent #8,668,079)
  • Optional boot pulleys for various commodities
  • Low profile head design for gentle discharge of grain
  • Robot, fixture welded trunking for consistent square and parallel construction
  • No. 3 vented buckets are standard

Boot Features

  • Heavy structural frame
  • Acme screw take-up
  • Large clean-out doors
  • Easy, tool-free access door
  • Drip/rain guard to minimize water running into bottom of boot
  • Smooth, crown-faced boot pulley

Head Features

  • Large work platforms
  • Split hood allows for easy interior accessibility without having to completely remove the hood
  • Externally-mounted, heavy-duty pillow block roller bearings on head with easy adjustability with standard adjustment bolts
  • Heavy-duty, crowned face, slide lagged head pulley
  • Static conductive, oil resistant and fire retardant (SOFR) rubber belting standard
  • Turned, ground and polished shaft
  • Corrosion-resistant Acme thread take-up screws at boot
  • High-density, non-sparking, polyethylene buckets


  • Liner packages available-urethane, high-energy urethane, ceramic, kryptane
  • Optional gravity take-up
  • Nylon, urethane, and steel buckets are optional when moving highly abrasive materials
  • No. 4 vented buckets available
  • Pressure relief door, standard on 36" and larger head section
  • Winged pulley is a great option if you are concerned about material collecting on the pulley face
  • Herringbone spiral winged pulley runs more quietly than a winged pulley
  • Head service platform - One of the largest in the industry available in 3 different sizes
  • Distributor platform available in 4'x8'
  • Standard, flared, or 45 degree inlets available
  • Explosion panels available, check local NFPA requirements
Product Features
  • Low Impact Head Hesign for Better Grain Quality
  • Squaring Plates for Efficient Assembly & Increased Strength
  • Welded Frames on Head & Boot Sections
Kevin Howes, Homeland Energy Solutions

Lawler, IA

Sukup Manufacturing has truly developed a zero-entry bin sweep. With our material handlers, particularly our supervisor - he coordinates the entire bin sweeping operation - with him not having to get in and out of that bin. I'm not worried about getting the corn out of the bin it's more keeping the employees safe. Any time we can sweep a bin and not have to get into it that's a lot better.
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