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Sukup's Axial Fans and Heaters are engineered to provide efficient, reliable airflow and even heat distribution for maintaining grain quality.

Sukup's Axial Fans are designed to provide efficient airflow for aeration or in-bin drying, particularly suitable for lower static pressures. These fans feature cast aluminum blades engineered for high performance at 3,500 RPM, providing vibration-free operation due to precision balancing. The design includes unique square end plates that maintain the housing's roundness and close tip clearance to enhance airflow by preventing air from blowing back between the blade and housing.

Sukup Axial Heaters are equipped with several safety features to increase reliability, including pressure relief valves on piping, a stainless steel flame sensor that shuts off gas if the flame is not present, and spring-loaded solenoids that close automatically when power is lost. These heaters are designed to work efficiently with Sukup fans at lower static pressures. The design includes a service door for easy access and a sight glass for inspection while operating.

Sukup's Axial Fans & Heaters form a powerful duo in grain handling systems. Their combined functionality helps to preserve grain quality, enhance longevity, and reduce the risk of loss due to spoilage.

Standard Features

  • Sukup Axial Fans give the highest airflow for the money!
  • 3500 RPM motors used in Sukup Axial Fans have been specially-engineered for Sukup’s high-performance blades.
  • Square end plates give uniform support all around the housing while eliminating legs that concentrate stress and distort the housing. Square housings also maintain the accurate roundness of the housings, allowing for close fan blade tip clearance.
  • Close tip clearance increases airflow by preventing air from blowing back through the area between the blade and housing.
  • Fan blades are precision-balanced for vibration–free operation
  • Blades are secured to the motor shaft with trantorque bushings to ensure the most secure attachment, as well as serviceability.
  • Galvanized housings resist rust and look good for years to come.
  • Two-year limited warranty

Sukup Aeration Fans

  • 3/4 HP - 3 HP
  • 12”, 14", 18”
  • Totally-enclosed, air-over motors
  • Easily mounted with connection box on end of motor
  • 12” and 14” fans come wired with a cord
  • 18” fans are available with or without controls

Sukup Drying Fans

  • 5-7 HP - 10-15 HP
  • 24", 28"
  • Exclusive, patented built-in venturi (air intake) and handles
  • Plated screen guard bolts
  • CSA models
  • Controls box standard
  • 230 volt 1 or 3 phase; 460 volt 3 phase; 575 3 phase; or 208 volt 3 phase

Sukup Low-Speed Fans

  • 38" and 44"
  • 1750 RPM
  • Ideal for roof dryers and other shallow grain depth (Max. 4' grain depths) applications
  • High airflow at low static pressure
  • Quieter than high speed axials
  • Excellent for drying crops such as ear corn, nuts, onions or any other crop dried at shallow grain depth applications

Sukup Axial Heaters

  • 18", 24", 28" diameter
  • Complete, clean combustion
  • Ignite quickly at low pressures
  • Two-year warranty on components, limited three-year warranty on solid-state circuit board
  • Air straightening vanes provide better heat distribution
  • Available for use with vapor propane, liquid propane (with vaporizer) or natural gas
  • Two-way adjustments on the vaporizer allow operation over a wider range of outside temperatures
  • The exclusive Sukup vaporizer high limit features manual reset, so you can tell if the vaporizer needs to be adjusted
  • Stainless steel flame sensor is more reliable and will last longer than flame probes
  • Galvanized housings resist rust
  • Thermostat, humidistat, high-low thermostat, or modulating valve available
  • CSA models available

Extra safety features increase reliability

  • Stainless steel flame sensor
  • Transition high limit shuts off heater if the temperature entering the bin gets too hot
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Vapor high limit
  • Burner high limit
  • Purge delay
  • Spring-loaded solenoids
  • Grounded electrical components

Product Accessories

  • Optional Deluxe Control Box includes a static pressure gauge and thermometer. Available as single or dual controls.
  • Optional Dual Burner Controls are needed if there is more than one heater on a bin, so that they cycle on and off together for even heat
Product Features
  • Highest Airflows in the Industry
  • Square End Plates for Increased Housing Strength
  • Safety First – Fan Blade Mounted Downstream of Motor
Wabash Valley Service,


What we like most about partnering with Sukup is mainly customer service. That’s been a big help in the area and a lot of the farmers have seen that. If there’s an issue or there’s a problem, Sukup’s right there to help us out.


What are Sukup Axial Fans and Heaters?

Axial fans provide the necessary airflow for drying and aerating grain, while heaters are used to raise the air temperature for more effective drying.

How do Sukup Axial Fans and Heaters enhance grain drying?

Sukup Axial Fans & Heaters enhance grain drying by improving air circulation and increasing air temperature within the grain bin. This helps reduce moisture content in the grain more efficiently and uniformly.

What are the benefits of using Sukup Axial Fans and Heaters?

The benefits include more efficient grain drying, reduced risk of grain spoilage, and potential energy savings. Proper aeration and temperature control are crucial for maintaining grain quality.
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