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Sukup's Aeration systems are engineered to ensure optimal grain storage conditions. They are designed to maintain grain quality and prevent spoilage, making them a great asset for commercial material handling operations.

The focus of Sukup’s Aeration systems is on providing consistent and uniform airflow throughout the grain. This uniform distribution of air is vital for controlling temperature and moisture levels within the bin.

Built with high-strength, galvanized steel, Sukup’s Aeration systems are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of commercial grain storage. Sukup Channel-Lok Flooring (Hawk Cut™ or Perforated) and supports are installed easily over concrete tunnels for an efficient, low-cost aeration alternative. This seamless integration makes them an easy choice when upgrading drying and storage operations.

The Aeration systems reflect Sukup’s commitment to providing high-quality, reliable solutions in the field of material handling. Their combination of strength and adaptability makes them an essential component in efficient material handling operations.

Heavy-Duty Perforated Flooring

  • Designed for situations where perforated floors are preferred, but greater grain depths are desired
  • Weight-bearing support every 3 ½”
  • Roll form process creates 7" plank with intermediate channel
  • Available in 0.0945” or 0.05” diameter holes
  • Used with Sukup Wave Supports or Flat Top Super Supports

Flat Top Super Supports™

  • Used with Sukup Heavy-Duty Perforated flooring
  • All of the features of standard Super Supports without the tabs

Sukup SuperWave™ Supports

  • Stamped metal supports work well with all Sukup floor planks, but they are particularly well-suited to our Heavy-Duty Perforated Floors
  • Unique wave design provides excellent support and stability at an economical price
  • Tabs provide support under the crown of the floor plank
  • Can be used with the deepest grain depths

Product Accessories

  • Sukup Bin sidewall sheets may be pre-punch for flashing bolts
  • Bridging supports required when floor support is narrower than width of the unload
Product Features
  • Sukup Channel-Lok™ Floor Planks
  • High-Strength, Galvanized Steel
  • Corrugation Extends Completely Across the Width of Each Plank
Mark Geis, Geis Equipment, Inc.

Greensburg, IN

Being familiar with the competition, the quality of the products is what brought me to Sukup to begin with. I’ve seen so much junk out there, and Sukup’s got quality. Everything is top quality. That’s really what’s made the sales for me.


How do Sukup Aeration systems work?

These systems work by allowing air through the grain mass. The airflow helps to equalize temperature throughout the bin and remove moisture from the grain.

Will Sukup’s Aeration systems integrate into an existing system?

They are ideal for flush floor aeration applications and will accommodate most drying or storage needs. Sukup Channel-Lok Flooring (Hawk Cut™ or Perforated) and supports install easily over concrete tunnels for an efficient, low-cost aeration alternative.

What is Sukup Aeration?

Sukup Aeration systems are designed to promote controlled airflow through stored grain to maintain its quality.
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