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Commercial Sweeps have a heavy-duty steel welded frame that hold up to the high grain depths seen in commercial bins. Utilizing the zero-entry control system and the industrial grade pushers the sweep advances efficiently around the bin. The adjustable rubber scraper decreases the amount of grain left on the floor to increase your bottom line.

Standard Features

  • Heavy-Duty Zero-Entry Explosion-Proof Rotating Contact provides power to the sweep. There is no need to enter the bin
  • 16”- up to 10,000 BPH, 12”- up to 8,000 BPH
  • Patented pivot point allows the sweep to “free-float” to account for variations in concrete (U.S. Patent #9,327,921)
  • Heavy-Duty Frame designed to provide optimal strength to withstand the intense pressure of deep grain depths
  • Sleeved Auger Ends and Heavy- Duty Hanger Bearings support the auger and supply long lasting durability and strength
  • Adjustable Front Auger Shields reduce overfeeding of the auger
  • Shallow Center Sump is cast in place and requires less concrete, saving you construction costs. Deeper design is also available
  • Explosion-Proof Motors and Industrial Grade Gear Box and bearings for greater safety and durablity
  • Heavy-Duty Zero-Entry Explosion-Proof Rotating Contact provides power to the sweep. There is no need to enter the bin
  • Zero-Entry Automatic Touch Screen Controls allow the pushers’ start and stop points to be user programmed on the touch screen to keep the auger running efficiently based on a particular situation. In automatic mode, the controller senses auger load and advances the sweep without overloading the auger motor, preventing spinning of the pusher tires, which can cause extra wear. The sweep controls also have a manual mode that allows the operator to control sweep advancement.
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) provides greater reliability
  • Industrial Grade Pushers are equipped with explosion-proof motors and foam-filled tires for safety and durability. Pusher speed is based upon their location on the auger through the use of varying gear ratios. This results in the pushers applying uniform pressure to the sweep, reducing wear on the inside pushers.
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Pivot Wheels with bronze bushings
  • Adjustable Rubber-Tipped Scraper behind the auger maximizes the amount of grain collected along the bin floor
Product Features
  • Emergency Stop Button for Enhanced Safety
  • Heavy-Duty Frame Designed to Provide Optimal Strength to Withstand the Intense Pressure of Deep Grain Depths
  • Adjustable Front Auger Shields
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Wheels
  • Patented Pivot Point
Sergio Hernandez, The Andersons Inc.

Maumee, OH

Our first experience truly dealing with Sukup one on one from the ground up and it was a great experience. Knowing what your service is on the commercial grain side you are a manufacturer that we can call and get what we need.
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